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Bespoke Ceremonies

Celebrant service extend beyond weddings and funerals, as we can collaborate to design bespoke ceremonies for any significant life event. Whether it's a milestone celebration, a baby naming ceremony, or a unique commemoration, a creative touch ensures that your vision comes to life. Let us intricately weave together your ideas and desires, resulting in a one-of-a-kind ceremony that reflects your beliefs, values, and individuality. Below you will find some examples of the service I can offer beyond weddings and funerals. If there is a celebration that is truly unique and not found below, please do contact me and I can advise you how I can accommodate your special day.

Baby Namings

Embrace the joy of parenthood with heartwarming ceremonies. A Baby Naming ceremony introduces your little one to the world, while a Gender Reveal shares the excitement of your baby's arrival. A Baby Shower brings loved ones together to prepare for your bundle of joy. As your celebrant, I'll tailor each event to your wishes, crafting meaningful and memorable experiences. Let's make these moments uniquely special, capturing the essence of your growing family.

Baby Shower
Bride and Groom

Renewal of Vows

Your journey has been filled with cherished moments and shared milestones. Now, it's time to renew your vows and celebrate your enduring love. Whether it's a milestone anniversary or simply a heartfelt reaffirmation, a Renewal of Vows ceremony allows you to express your continued commitment and create new promises for the future. As your celebrant, I'll help you craft a deeply personal ceremony that honors your unique journey and the love that has grown between you. Let's create a meaningful celebration that beautifully reflects your bond and the wonderful years you've shared.


An anniversary is a milestone of enduring love, a time to reflect and express gratitude for the journey you've shared. An Anniversary Ceremony allows you to honor your commitment, celebrate memories, and anticipate the future. Whether it's years or decades, this ceremony reaffirms your bond and creates a meaningful gathering. As your celebrant, I'll craft a heartfelt celebration that captures your unique journey and the love that's grown. Let's make your anniversary a reflection of your enduring commitment and the beautiful legacy you're building.

Party Time!

Coming of Age

Transitioning from youth to adulthood is a momentous journey of growth and self-discovery. A Coming of Age ceremony honours this passage, celebrating the remarkable individual you've become. Gather loved ones, share your aspirations, and embrace the responsibilities and opportunities ahead. Whether it's a sweet sixteen, a bar/bat mitzvah, or another milestone, this ceremony marks your newfound maturity. As your celebrant, I'll help craft a meaningful celebration that captures your journey and the support surrounding you. Let's create a memorable ceremony that beautifully welcomes you to the next chapter.


Retirement marks the end of a rewarding career and the start of an exciting chapter. A Retirement Ceremony honours your accomplishments, expresses gratitude, and welcomes the journey ahead. Gather loved ones to share stories and well-wishes, reflecting on the legacy you've built. Whether it's relaxation, new pursuits, or cherished moments with family, this ceremony celebrates your hard work and the adventures to come. As your celebrant, I'll create a heartfelt celebration that pays tribute to your journey and warmly embraces your retirement. Let's make this moment unforgettable and set the stage for your new beginnings.

Graduating Students


Graduating is a momentous achievement, a testament to your hard work and growth. A Graduation Ceremony honours your dedication and marks the exciting future ahead. Gather loved ones to share in your accomplishment, reflecting on the challenges overcome and the dreams awaiting. Whether you're pursuing higher education or stepping into the professional world, this ceremony sets the stage for your next journey. As your celebrant, I'll craft a heartfelt celebration that pays tribute to your success and warmly embraces the boundless possibilities ahead.

Pet Memorials

Pets bring immeasurable joy and cherished moments to our lives. A Pet Memorial Ceremony honours their unconditional love and the bond you shared. Gather loved ones to share stories, express gratitude, and find solace in cherished memories. Whether it's a loyal canine or a treasured feline friend, this ceremony provides closure and pays tribute to their presence in your life. As your celebrant, I'll craft a heartfelt ceremony that captures your pet's unique essence and the love you shared. Let's create a meaningful tribute that ensures their memory lives on in your heart and in the hearts of those who knew them.

Pet Urn

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