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As a dedicated and professionally trained funeral celebrant, my purpose is to craft a profoundly personal funeral ceremony that reflects your exact wishes. Guided by the privilege of assisting and supporting you during this challenging period, I firmly believe that a meaningful, individualised, and uplifting funeral ceremony holds the power to offer solace and alleviate the initial sense of loss that accompanies bereavement. Below is a list of services that I can provide to help make this difficult time a little smoother for you and your loved ones.

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As part of the National Bereavement Advice Service (NBAS) in the United Kingdom, serving Hampshire, Wiltshire, and Dorset, I am dedicated to providing compassionate support during this difficult time. At Kim the Celebrant, I understand the profound impact of losing a loved one. I offer reassurance and guidance throughout the entire process, creating heartfelt ceremonies that honour and celebrate your loved one’s life. My goal is to ease your burden, allowing you to focus on healing and remembrance, knowing you are in caring and capable hands.

Funeral Ceremonies

In times of losing a cherished loved one and embarking on the journey of planning their service, our desire is for the ceremony to mirror not only the preferences of the departed but also the sentiments of those who remain. Recognising that bidding farewell is a singular opportunity, allow me to guide you in creating a flawless occasion. Collaborating seamlessly with your selected funeral director, I ensure the meticulous realisation of all your aspirations. Rest assured, I lead with a gentle touch, ensuring your vision is realized while providing unwavering support.


Orders of Service

When we come together, I will attentively embrace the stories of the individual you hold dear, utilising them to craft a tailor-made script that resonates with their spirit. Whether you opt for religious elements or a ceremony devoid of such references, the decision is entirely in your hands. I am here to provide you with a distinctive and fitting funeral ceremony, marked by sensitivity and compassion. This heartfelt ceremony will encapsulate the true essence of the person, weaving together the narrative of a life richly lived.


The ceremony's content is entirely at your discretion. If navigating the array of readings, symbolism, music, or phrasing becomes challenging, I'm here to provide assistance and steer you in the right direction. In case crafting the eulogy feels overwhelming, I am readily available to compose it on your behalf. Ensuring your comfort and confidence, I encourage you to take the time to review the script, allowing you the reassurance that the ceremony aligns with your aspirations. Beforehand, you'll have the opportunity to review the ceremony's content, and I will gladly provide you with the complete text for your future reference.


Scattering and Interring of Ashes Ceremony

Scattering the ashes of a beloved individual can serve as a profound homage to their life. This meaningful act can occur in a location of significance, whether it be a cherished spot that holds memories close, a serene setting that reflects their spirit, or a place that carried deep sentimental value for the departed. The act of scattering ashes provides a poignant opportunity to honour their journey and create a lasting connection between their essence and a place of importance.

Memorial Services

A memorial service stands as a poignant ceremony to honor and commemorate an individual who has passed away. Typically held after burial or cremation, this service offers flexibility in timing and location, often taking place in venues that hold personal importance or can accommodate a gathering of loved ones. Beyond the choice of venue, a memorial service is a unique opportunity to infuse the entire event with the essence of your cherished one's life, creating a heartfelt tribute that reflects their journey and resonates with the memories you hold dear.

Memorial Candle

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