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Independent & qualified civil celebrant and AOIC member, crafting personalised ceremonies for weddings, funerals, and heartfelt celebrations. Your cherished moments are in capable hands with Kim Garner.

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Let's Have a Chat...

Hello! I'm Kim Garner, your go-to professionally trained celebrant based in the United Kingdom, and I'm all about making your special moments absolutely shine. Whether it's your dream wedding, a heartfelt farewell, or any meaningful celebration you have in mind, I'm here to bring warmth and genuine emotion to every step of the journey.


Picture this: your wedding day, a true reflection of your love story. I'll be right there, working closely with you to make sure every detail tells your unique tale. And when life calls for a moment of remembrance, my heartfelt approach ensures that we honour your loved one with a ceremony that's both comforting and deeply meaningful. But it doesn't stop there – I'm ready to craft a touching ceremony for any important occasion you have in mind. Let's chat, collaborate, and create something truly special together. With Kim The Celebrant, your celebrations will be filled with authenticity, love, and memories that last a lifetime.

Let's start with a conversation, click the button below to book in your free consultation

Tailored Services for Your Special Moments: Weddings, Funerals, and Bespoke Ceremonies

Why choose me to be your celebrant

✓ Qualified Civil Celebrant: City & Guilds accredited civil celebrant diploma, leaving you in capable hands

✓ Personalised Touch: Crafted ceremonies tailored to your story, values, and preferences

✓ Heartfelt Emotion: Every moment infused with genuine sentiment and authenticity

✓ Meticulous Detail: Careful planning ensures a seamless and memorable experience

✓ Versatile Expertise: Specialising in weddings, funerals, and custom celebrations for any occasion

✓ Compassionate Support: Providing comfort and guidance during significant life moments

✓ Collaborative Approach: Working closely with you to co-create ceremonies that truly resonate

✓ Inclusivity and Respect: Honouring diverse cultures, beliefs, and traditions

✓ Lasting Memories: Creating occasions filled with cherished moments to treasure forever

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